Freelance / mobile app


Redefining online book club discussions.


UX/UI, Prototyping
Visual Design


80 Hours

Unconvo is a social media platform for avid book readers.

It is an early stage tech startup where readers can discover, organize, and discuss books they love with other people.

*This is a solo freelance project.*


Book clubs is one of the most requested features by users.

Readers are interested in joining digital book clubs on Unconvo. They are looking for niche groups with similar interests.


Readers prefer book clubs that are flexible and low commitment.

I interviewed 5 habitual book readers and investigated online book clubs to identify what users look for in book clubs.

Readers want to connect with people who understand what they’re posting about.

Emotional Impact: Posts about books when they’re feel strongly about what they read.

Similar Interests: Likes to talk to people who like similar books or authors.


Progress-based discussions will help readers have more meaningful conversations in book clubs.

Asynchronous Reading: Readers enjoy reading at their own pace.

Focused Conversations: Readers are more inclined to engage over shared interest in books and authors.

Autonomy and Control: Build clubs around books. Readers can choose which conversations they want to join.

progress-based discussions


MVP explorations focus on book club features and early concepts of Unconvo as an app.


Readers have the option to enjoy books by themselves or join in on conversations.


Book Discussion Screen:
Readers choose who to listen to and share to

The discussion screen is where readers can join conversations about the book. Readers can filter for spoilers and choose who they’d like to see comments from - their personal book club or all of Unconvo.

Final Design: Meaningful Book Discussions

Personalized book and conversation recommendations

Discover Books: Browse personalized recommendations and potential discussions to join.

Catch-All Community Thread: A global feed for all topics adjacently related to books.

Join book clubs exclusively for the books they read, or make one with friends

Focused conversations: Join clubs and their book discussions to see what people are saying.

Read, listen, share repeat.

Asynchronous Reading: Read at your own pace and use the progress filter to avoid spoilers

Choose your crowd: Filter to change who you see posts from. Select who can see your posts.

choose who sees your post


Translate business problems to user problems

The project brief asked me to create a book clubs feature with the assumption that it would increase user activity. I initially focused on book clubs instead of understanding what drove social reading behavior. Stepping back and focusing on user behavior helped me create a solution that addresses business and UX.

Testing doesn't always have to be a formal interview

Testing for usability can be done with anyone that has baseline technological knowledge. Running short 5 minute usability tests on my wireframes for the book discussions screen allowed me to work through ideas more quickly.