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Simplified insurance shopping


UX/UI, Prototyping
Visual Design


80 Hours

Vera Insurance wants to sell insurance to millennials online.

The company has been using regional agents to sell policies to customers for over 15+ years. It wants to go digital and update its branding to keep up with the market.

*This is a personal conceptual project.*


However, millennials feel that purchasing insurance is intimidating and confusing.

“It takes so much time to research these words and policies.”

“I feel like I’m spending money on something that I don’t fully understand.”

Poorly designed insurance websites also add to shopping frustrations.


Focusing on speed, education, and transparency will help millennials purchase insurance more confidently.

Informative  Shopping: Educate shoppers with tidbits of information at each step in the process.

Transparency Matters: Ensure customers know what they’re buying and how to buy it.

Optimized Shopping Experience: Reduce shopper cognitive load, make forms easy and intuitive.

Educate buyers while they are getting a quote


The quote wizard is a multi-step form that updates real-time as shoppers select their insurance.


Improvements to initial designs focused on making information easier to absorb.

I tested a hi-fi prototype of the quoting wizard with 5 users ages 25-30 with varied insurance purchasing experience.

Providing information in pieces helps shoppers feel less overwhelmed.


“I feel disoriented seeing all the options at once.”


Collapsed insurance categories to help shoppers focus on one layer of information at a time.

Guide shoppers with informative copy


Participants were confused what the numbers were referring to.


Provided additional explanations and labels for each category.

Final Design:  Buying insurance quickly and confidently

Educational and straightforward interactions

Interactions that explain how shopper’s choices will affect their insurance plan.

Informative Shopping

Educate shoppers with tidbits of information at each step in the process.

Optimized shopping experience

Allow shoppers to edit their previous plan choices on the fly.

visual design

Warm and playful visuals to put shoppers at ease.

Measuring IMpact

Account creation and customer conversion rates determine the quoting wizard's success.

Further quantitative testing should be conducted to measure the quoting wizard’s impact.


Always connect design decisions back to the persona and research.

Sometimes I found myself looking trying to decide between design decisions that felt 'arbitrary' or 'aesthetic-based'. Looking back at my discovery research and persona helped ground those decisions.

Test frequently to inform decisions and assumptions.

More importantly, those decisions need feedback with user tests. This is something I'd like to do more if time constraints allowed for this project.